The Inner Power Of Judgement

Are we by nature, to some degree, suffering from schizophrenia?

Is our brain part of an organ, our body, which may not have found a balance or equilibrium striving to find a balance with humanity as a whole?

And are we part of a bigger body, life on the earth, life in the universe?

If the above premises have sufficient ballast, perhaps we can grow into a better relationship with our whole being or whole relationship to a bigger body like life on earth, like life in the universe.

The stoics seemed to believe these premises and conclusions.

If it harms you, you are hurting others.

Sit still with your ‘hatred’ or thirst for the truth.

Sometimes your ‘passion’ is a sign of self-harm or harm to others.

Can you ‘fear’ so much, that you don’t help people by uncovering the truth?

Yes, you must not abandon strong feelings to act in harmful ways.

If it itches that much don’t ‘scratch’ it.

Can you ‘sin’ against yourself and others?

Are your ‘beliefs’ that others are to blame a false judgement?

Are you too close to the problem to act in an objective manner?

Calm, still, silent.

Be courageous, compassionate, aware and contemplative,

Own the truth.

Be your own best friend and let go of the compulsion to act on your feelings, actions or beliefs.

Do no harm.

Heal the wound in your consciousness, your society.

Be a good person to all your relations while in the present to the best of your ability.

Help support and grow or evolve towards a better way.

To doctor the ‘art of living’ through hard work.


Find your equilibrium….

Solo, Self-control

To start, one must recognize the lack of self-control…

Unable to use the senses, body and mind,

As a result, some degree of craving will need to be endured, unbearable aches of desire…

Learn to stop harming anyone.

It is in every religion, philosophy and idea: the purpose of life is to gain self-control.

Stop talking, reading, writing, promising to do it.  Just do it…

Identify it as a virtue and practice it in your life.

It may be the most important practice in your life.

Do You See

The patterns of life and the proper use of them?

The faculty of reason, feelings, actions and belief.

Is it clear what your vision is right now?

Do you need a vision to use and to follow?

Do you claim to live your life?

Are you being responsible in this regard?

Do you know your role in life?

Use your courage and endurance to act on life and your circumstances.

Don’t find fault, find a useful purpose and don’t wait for fear to motivate your actions.

Now that you recognize the truth and the wonder of being a human being, check it out, become more aware.

Perhaps, you too will adapt a vision and take action on it to reach your potential.