Words Of Vision


A doorway to the mind, words can trigger active imagination.

To enter here is to go home, to visit another’s home may become tomb like when a great battle has been fought and lost.

Yet, an adventure into darker natures need not bring war or discord.

We in fact may be friends of one sort or another.

Who do you speak of, what do they say, and listen…

A great awakening may come to those who brave the way of vision and the fantasy that lies beside the image, thought, feeling and belief of those who enter.

Do You See

The patterns of life and the proper use of them?

The faculty of reason, feelings, actions and belief.

Is it clear what your vision is right now?

Do you need a vision to use and to follow?

Do you claim to live your life?

Are you being responsible in this regard?

Do you know your role in life?

Use your courage and endurance to act on life and your circumstances.

Don’t find fault, find a useful purpose and don’t wait for fear to motivate your actions.

Now that you recognize the truth and the wonder of being a human being, check it out, become more aware.

Perhaps, you too will adapt a vision and take action on it to reach your potential.