Living In Response To Freedom

List five things you do for fun.

To do and be my best.

To live a good life through exercise that is physical, mental and emotional.

To be a way without harm to myself or others.

To journal, blog and research the philosophy of being a good person.

Quiet time is important: inner peace.

Living The Dream

Many will inspire you: Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, Emily Car, Mahatma Gandhi, and much more difficult people to follow (Epictetus, Mary Magdalene).

Every present day culture or country leads by example, making daily compromises and making individual and collective choices.

To intentionally live through the principles of freedom, personal choice and democracy to name only a few.

To intentionally work out conflict and violence to live a more loving and creative life.

Inner peace is one quality of mind that is essential and requires an ongoing commitment to obtain at best in a peace meal way.

Inner peace is lost when violent and intent on destruction.

Part of the solution is to work for better peace in ones own life and for the same in others who share in these principles for peace or preaching nonviolence.

Advocating Health

Aversion is painful.

No pain, no gain is trying to express the core of the issue.

A healthy mistake is one that allows suffering without doing the harm to the self.

Pain can led to many bad habits or to many good habits.

Awareness will point out the meaning of the pain.

Exercise like meditation can produce good outcomes:  simplicity, compassion and patience.

Managing life requires many forms of exercise:  journaling, meditation, visualization, reading, writing, research, walking, talking, thinking, feeling and lots of work, play.

Going with this flow is real happiness.

Preaching non-violence led to inner peace which is another good outcome.

In this sense, pain and suffering can be a kind of aversion, when practicing good habits will produce better outcomes.