A Tale of Two Cities – Wikiquote

A Tale of Two Cities – Wikiquote
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To live and let live is like doing no harm, but in this novel the story is told.

An epic or story that shows us the truth is the most enlightened way we know to show us the value of consciousness.

If you love, live and learn, you will want to read this story.

Great COVID-19 bicycle boom expected to keep bike industry on its toes for years to come

Great COVID-19 bicycle boom expected to keep bike industry on its toes for years to come
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Why do we have bike lanes, who wants to ride a bike and how does this impact society in Canada?

Many people have started to ride a bike, a better bike or a new bike.

The pandemic has convinced people to go for a ride and get out of the car for health and happiness.

The bike lanes are needed to help regulate this new pattern.

Perhaps Canada will go greener in light of the new normal?

Doctor Bonnie Henry


A grateful provincial sentiment resides in British Columbia for this Public Health Leader.

She has done a great job, it is good to hear she has support from family.

Her last leg of this pandemic will make us all proud.

Wishing Doctor Bonnie Henry well…

No Joke, It’s Springtime


Be gentle oh spring, bring me fair weather and song.

Don’t mock our daffodils or tulips,

A barn burning can’t make the crops grow,

The sinister sun plays among the clouds…

First day of spring 2021: When is the spring equinox? Other facts about the start of spring.

First day of spring 2021: When is the spring equinox? Other facts about the start of spring.
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Spring Has Sprung

In Victoria, British Columbia, cherry blossoms start to appear as early as February.

But spring is today: Saturday, March 20,2021.

Not everyone celebrate or even has a spring.

But most have or recognize four seasons.

There are many differences and ways to see and celebrate.

We acknowledge the importance of religion and secular aspects like WeatherCAN, farming and some unique activities.

So rain or shine, feast or famine, the season officially starts today.

We need to keep dreaming, even when it feels impossible. Here’s why |

It’s hard for us to get our hopes up only to be disappointed, says writer and podcast host Luvvie Ajayi Jones. Yet when we dream, we’re giving ourselves permission to realize our craziest fantasies — and giving other people permission to do the same.
— Read on ideas.ted.com/we-need-to-keep-dreaming-even-when-it-feels-impossible-heres-why/

‘Walking the talk’ can show those of us a ‘willingness’ to move on some of our dreams.

There is so much discouraging news these day.

It is fun and refreshing to read something inspiring on making our dreams come true.

Bees can remember human faces — and 7 other surprising facts about these important insects |

Bee populations worldwide are declining due to climate change. But it’s not too late to save these amazing insects — and you can help.
— Read on ideas.ted.com/bees-can-remember-human-faces-and-7-other-surprising-facts-about-these-important-insects/

Information about honey bees seem to be less available these days.

Most of the articles are current and still mention problems and opportunities for those willing and able.

Please support the effort, read more about bees.

Lifespan Or Healthspan


To consider the ideas of David Sinclair, might be important to humanity’s health.

Many life giving ideas are confused with myths like longevity.

If you are looking for the fountain of youth or perhaps a good habit or two, check out his google talk, it is a nice summary of his book Lifespan.

8 Insights on Human Nature – Motivated Mastery

Understanding human nature is about understanding ourselves and others. Here are 8 insights on human nature collected over 5 years of reading and writing
— Read on motivatedmastery.com/8-insights-human-nature/

‘Human nature is a messy business’ or so said the lady on the bus.

Insight might be a glimmer of truth on this curious topic.

I invite the curious to read the article above.