Epic Tales

There is one that spread far and wide.

It made a mark on me.

The song still plays in my mind.

I fancy a walk in that country.

It wouldn’t want to dwell on the past.

It would be more sound than I can call upon.

How does it start?

Once upon a time?

‘There and Back Again’,

A place calling will be made any second now by J. R. R. Tolkien with the assistance of Christopher Tolkien.

The Trilogy is often called The Lord Of The Rings,as it is often referred to by many people.


Autism Myth

Is it someone that caused the problem?

What is it?

Education is key.

Please support the effort.


The False Self Vs. The True Self

In this dialogue, the conscious self talks to the subconscious self to find a balance and repair some emotional and mental knots.

Conscious self: I want to make it perfectly clear that I am happy you make me feel so much pain and that I suffer so.

Subconscious self: I have been listening to you for years. Can you hear me?

cs: Like I was saying, I think D.W. Winnicott has got a lot of it right about mothers and children. When my brother died, I felt very sad and I still do.

ss: Did you hear me? I have been telling you about your brother for years.

cs: I say, did you recommend that book “Solitude: Return To The Self by Anthony Storr? It talks about Winnicott, “The Capacity To Be Alone.

ss: Yes, you use to go out side at 50 bellow to be alone.

cs: I have a sort of practice going on how to be alone.

ss: We do. And it is starting to work after 60 years.

cs: ‘We must reserve a little back-shop, all our own, entirely free, wherein to establish our true liberty and principle retreat and solitude.’ Montaigne

ss: I better get going and make some more friends.


List the people you admire and look to for advice…

I have a one stop shop when it comes to mentor/advice.

His philosophy and therefore mine comes with sage advice through study and practice.


A journal helps to communicate with self when mentor/advice is a non living variety.

Stay out of the limelight….

You benefit through practice.

The proper use of impressions are key.

Many slogans and or mantrum will have a helpful learning benefit.

Enough said.

Red Dress Day

In particular, here in Victoria, the local university has a great deal of information available on their site.

Here in town, people will walk to support.