Taking the Christmas Out Of Christmas

In a good way, peace is joy…

What is wrong with everyone finding a way to care for one another?

This season is about being able to love, and putting aside identity is a challenge for anyone with a heartbeat.

Our tradition with the past can be the problem during special times.

Especially, if we force our traditional ways onto others who don’t understand or take issue with our way.

The challenge is to do no harm.

Discover a way that works and pay it forward.

Eliminate more of the problem (racism, sexism,ageism?).

Sometimes we need to fight against the excitement of celebrating and help those challenged by our differences.

Let’s be friendly this holiday season.

Seriously, Grand Opening Of Indigo @ Mayfair Shopping Center, Victoria, B.C., Canada

Okay, Merry Christmas, gift card splurge at the bookstore, bought a calendar and books.

Okay, you may not like what I bought, but I highly recommend them all.  Just reading this is good enough.

I got the ‘Insight from the Dalai Lama 2019 Calendar.

I also bought some philosophy books.

Okay, if you don’t read anymore, be sure to pick up something from your local bookstore.

I love philosophy:  Socrates, Epictetus, Ludwig Wittgenstein,  Meditation, and Gratefulness.

I could tell you all the sorted details, but just let me say, I have lots of reading to occupy me for the foreseeable future.  

Eat, Drink and Be Merry


My favourite expression of the above activity can be found in the trilogy of the Lord Of The Rings.

Yet, all these ideas are from earth and are especially celebrated on holidays like Christmas.

Take the time to imagine doing it on Middle-earth.

Happy Christmas.

It’s All Love and Roses 2-who doesn’t love more romance

“Snow2”, granted the sequel is a pale imitation.

Yet, for those who didn’t get enough the first time,

I highly recommend more reindeer, Christmas and all that other stuff.

In terms of family entertainment, it is a no brainer and the kids never get enough Christmas!

Again, keep it all tucked away under the tree till the holidays.

I think we all get a little sentimental at Christmas and if this sounds like you, check out Snow2:  https://youtu.be/DUgyN5MF4j0


It’s Love and Roses

“Snow”  is a family extravaganza about ….

Well, if the title gives you a hint, just let me say there is a reindeer, Christmas and a whole lot of other stuff.

There is definitely layered meaning to this season greetings movie.

I highly recommend keeping this show under wraps until the holiday.

I rate it 5 out of 5 stars for family fun:  https://youtu.be/KTeVhLT8-J8