WorkSafeBC issues “heat stress” warning amid rising temperatures across B.C.

WorkSafeBC has issued a reminder to employers and workers about the risk of developing heat stress when working outdoors.
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It is obvious but can be overlooked when we are busy.

The last couple days and weeks have exhausted many people.

I for one plan to rest and relax more this week.

A Slow Pleasurable Life

Can the goal of good health and a good life overlap?

Is a gradual building of pleasure and happiness possible?

Years of seeing health as an end in itself, has led to years of seeing the good life as doing no harm.

A commitment to a life project of putting others first  and myself a close second.

Society needs the individual to be the revolution.

People need to change society as individuals through their outcomes:  inventing styles or fashion, contributions of work and the many ways we care for each other in compassionate ways.

The journey may produce a good life.

If I die today, I have no regrets…