Sounds of traffic…

Flocks of flying birds

A cool breeze on a summer night

Being happy to be unplugged from all the technology.
There are many devices to unplug from in an average working class home:  TV, computers, Tablets, cell phones, land lines, microwaves, electrical stuff and automobiles.

To use manual labor to get from a to b is a good break for the evening.

It is good to plug into nature and the sight and sounds of the city.  And, the restful place of home.

Time to seal another day with a full night of sleep.

Live, love, learn

What broadband thing do you love, or live or learn?

What is your best belief?

I believe in improving or growing through experience.

If I can learn how to learn, to live, to love…

At my core, I am very thirsty about these three treasures.

I practice by learning something that will improve my ability to live, love and learn.

I strive to stay curious, thirsty and connected to growing in these areas of life.


To eat of a nourishing substance.

The fruit is virtue and the folly is vice.

With the swinging of the pendulum, so is the mood, the circumstance and chance.

Yet, the will, the faculty of reason, and the arrangement or proper use of the senses, may coax the being into balance on the moment to moment basis.

When harsher injury occurs, the body experiences a longer larger imbalance.

Nourishment is found in many types of food.

Sleep, rest, exercise, play, work and vacation:  all have healing ways when an injury occurs to the body.

Yet, nourishment for the body will heal all wounds.

It is best to learn the ways to earn bread to make it most sweet or beneficial for the value of use.

Use, the proper use of impressions, not to waste any bread.

A seeker of spirit is a hunger that feeds on the proper use of impression or belief.

But to follow blindly without first earning the bread may abuse the body and turn the seeker to a bad end.

Bread is a kind of currency the body uses to renew itself.

Eat bread wisely and earn bread wisely, or suffer the consequences.


To dig a hole in nature must be a mistake.

The way is not to be improperly used and must be maintained to preserve it for future generations.

Yet we idolize it and make theme parks and other trinkets out of her wealth.

The great arguments disclose science god and religion god.

How much more damage is to be made in the name of gods?

There are so many misused images like conservative and liberal.

The real source is being misrepresented, diluted, and used in harmful ways.

The engraving we do will cut a form out of nature that will cause us to question and answer our errors.

Keep Nature As The First On Your List

Don’t abandon true faith.

Keep this foremost in your mind.

Let go of all praising and provoking.

Putting anything between you and nature can be a mistake.

Mostly, when you forget nature and worship the thing you placed above the most good.

Remember to keep the balance between you two and you can do a lot.

What is the first thing on your list?

Keep it safe and you will be safe too.