After this year’s Climate Action Summit, what happens next? | UN News

People across the world need to embrace “fundamental change” in order to combat climate change and meet the target of restricting the increase in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius, Claudio Forner, from UN Climate Change in Bonn, told UN News in an interview that took place following the Climate Action Summit.
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Global warming is a symptom of too much change.

Zero emissions by 2050 is a good goal.

Other amendments will help solve the problems

Keep the earth safe and let’s not harm ourselves anymore.

The changes we need to make will protect us.

Good changes for a good life.Please support the effort.

Global citizenship – Wikipedia

Global citizenship – Wikipedia
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To think about the world as our job.

To learn what the job is for me or how much I can do.

To build a sufficient knowledge base to function as one of the world’s citizens.

To engage the world but keep a balance with ‘my world’, as in do no harm to myself or others.

Curiosity and good intentions are part of a bigger practice: a student’s lifelong learning in how to contribute and take responsibility for consequences when I am at fault.

Keeping a sense of humour about developing a better relationship with the big old world.