Stir Fry Veggies!

Ingredients: bell peppers, snow peas,mushroom,bok Choy cabbage,summer squash,broccoli,

Oil oil, Yamasa less salt soy sauce, pepper

Stir and fry for five minutes on medium heat.

Yum, had blueberries and bananas with cinnamon for dessert!

Mindful Of My Food

It feels good inside my mouth: cooked greens, carrots and yams.

The greens are kinda chewy, the carrots are chewier than the yams.

Yams are yams: soft.

The food is hot.

It’s pretty easy to bite.

I crave the chewy greens!

But it all has great texture.

Why millions of dollars in federal grocery subsidies haven’t lessened food insecurity in the North | CBC News

Some Iqaluit residents go to creative lengths to avoid buying food at the grocery store — where a 24-pack of bottled water can cost $29.99. Marketplace explores why people in the North still pay so much more despite the fact the grocery industry there receives millions in federal subsidies.
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