What I Learnt From Leonardo da Vinci

He is a marvel in his networking and learning ability. Not only is he a great innovator, he is an exceptional student and teacher (he teaches to do). He belongs to many groups: musicians, engineers, artists,scientists, thinkers. He is attracted to people.

He is a modern example of journaling,meditation,mindfulness and creative visualization. Not to mention his ability to do these things on the regular basis.

He loves change. He uses his will to obey sound principles which help him adjust to his environment, his state of mind and his outward interaction with others.

Because he is so active within his mind, he had a ready made schedule of natural ideas and images to sharpen his senses.

He is so down to earth and personable that his charm makes his brilliance all the more surprising to others. His logical mind and artistic mind created the synergy that propelled him to his greatness.

He had a way of being independent and interdependent at every turn.

Lastly, his imagination captured an insatiable curiosity. He simply opened his mind to change and found a world of opportunity!

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