The Pleasure Trap

It is hard to give up a vice.

Just try to quit smoking on your own or get out of financial problems.

It is hard to believe that short term pain is necessary or even preferable to developing a vice.

It is a universal experience and we all try to cure what ails us with abstract notions like self control.

If your interested in treating what ails you, start with Kelly Mc Gonigal’s book, “The Willpower Instinct”.

I Will, I Won’t, I Want…

The experience is a matter of using a good sense of will power.

The challenge is to work on personal finance.

The problem is that we are all experiencing financial need in different ways.

The solution is to interpret a way to challenge in a universal way.

One good way is to learn about a healthy sense of willpower.

To take on our problems in a way that will allow us to do the hard thing and give up the hard thing and get the hard thing by doing the hard work.

To become the student and learn about our job at using our will in a healthy way,