It is possible to be so full of hate, numbness, negative emotions, that it is painful to exist.

At some point, the mental institutions, the treatments, drugs, and psychiatrist, just seem like a shame.

As a last resort, before suicide, god and spirit, there is a possibility of finding some magical person that can save your life.

If you are desperate, really trying to live, you may find a way to get off your medication and try something like alternative medicine.

There are documentaries like “The Last Shaman”.

There are people out there that believe they can help you.

Or, go find someone else.

Can you learn to control your anger?

Your parents are going to suffer when you die.

You are giving up a gift:  your life.

But I hear you, no desire, no ambition, you want to die.

Are there natural medicines?

Are all the medical drugs unworthy of our use?

Some would say there is no answer.

Family and friends are hurt the most.

We need to learn how to change this for the better.

We need to find a way to help people who are sick.

After eight years, it is still going to be difficult.

Can you find a way to make it work for you?

Are you willing and able to start over?

Can you find your voice?

Can you give up the stuff that prevents you from living a good life?

Can you find community?

Are you struggling to make a difference?

Do you believe in yourself and others?

Do you see the way?

Can you play your small part?

Can you now keep your faith in yourself?

Good luck.

Instant Gratification (slow suicide)

Stop doing things for pleasure when it leads to biological extinction.

Kill your devices, when they start to control you more than you control them.

Do you ‘smoke’ to excess?

Are your drinking habits or eating habits leading you to disease?

What little pleasure today is leading to excessive pain and suffering tomorrow?

There is no ‘instant’ gratification.

There is only pain and suffering when trying to replace good works with spiritual junkfood.

If a belief leads to premature death, it is not a belief worth acting upon.

Unless, the action slows down or changes the bad habit into a good one.

No one is talking sainthood or stopping all the bad habits in their tracks.

But learn not to run to bad habits to cope with depression, anxiety and fear.

Don’t medicate your problems.

Find a purpose or meaning that will allow you to balance the good in your life with the bad.

A suicide is extinction.

A depression leads to suicide.

A medicated problem leads to depression.

Don’t use instant gratification.  Give it up!

February is a pain in the butt!

Some call it SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Others just feel grumpy, and moody or bad.

February is said to be blue, I’m glad.

It is the one month of the year that society expects us to be a little down.

Our attention is turned inwards and we tend to bow out of the rat race.

Many people like to sit in a cozy chair and read a book with a cup of tea.

Yet, others complain it will never be summer.

All our ups and downs seem to take a turn for the worse.

It never ceases to amaze me how innovative and smart we can be.

It is not important to be positive, it is important not to be too negative.  Get it?

Life is an up and down roller coaster, and it is going down right now.  Hold on!

Some turn to prayer, drink, suicide and despair.

Others, ‘get physical’ and yell and blare.

Most will accept help, happiness and care.