Geomagnetic Storm Hits Earth

Coronal mass ejection causes medium storm on earth.

There was a pretty light show as far south as Illinois.

Space weather is becoming a regular in the news.

Please stay informed about space weather. Awareness is key.

Space News

Huge solar flare may cause disruptions on planet earth.

Expect satellite communication problems on Saturday October 30th or Sunday October 31.

On the bright side, Northern lights will be going like crazy, just in time for Halloween!

Check out the detail in the report bellow.

Scientists find another clue to some of the most powerful solar storms to hit Earth | CBC News

Scientists have found evidence of a major solar storm that struck Earth more than 2,600 years ago — a finding they say holds relevance today, given how vulnerable some of our modern technology can be to the sun’s activity.
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Space Weather needs our support to learn how things work. Then we can prepare for potential storms that will affect our modern lifestyles.

Space Weather

It is a giant field of science:

It is alarming in the subject or topic of interest: large object falling from the sky, extreme weather changes, global disasters and more.

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