Lifestyle Improvements

We have changed a lot over 10’s of thousands of years ago.

We were hunter gatherers.

Check out this vid below.


Do you want to improve your situation?

We may want to find ways to change our lifestyle.

What is stopping you?

Why not?

Perhaps, this is something to do?

Awareness is key.

Think outside the box.

What is the best way for you?

Version 2.0 or higher

We need SQ5R.

We need to Journal, chit chat, and be kind with ourselves and others.

The only way to live with ups and down is by continuing to renew ourselves.

We need to blog and/or Vlog about it.

This all seems a little lame, but quality of life is its on reward.

Become A Good Sceptic And Read A Good Book

Here is an exercise that will help you find the road to self-improvement.

All you need to do is read this free book found at the link below.