Deep Relaxation

To let go of the distraction will free up the will to rest.

To find peace will allow the mind and body to sleep and therefore recover a balance and good direction.

Be a life long learner to become educated in a loving kind compassionate lifestyle that promotes good will and acceptance.

Learning to do no harm protects us all.

And to live a healthy life means there is a good chance to do and be a good person who is just as decent as most people.

And to fit into the fabric of whatever place you happen to love and want to live.

Is there more to life, to each there own.

It is enough to be alive and well and grateful to be here and now.

No strings attached…

Deep Relaxation

Right now, my breath takes away all my pain,

breathe in one out,

breathe in…

all is calm,

The scent of Tea Tree Oil,

Check in on my body’s state of relaxation, going from head to toe,

A nice deep yawn and stretch,

Being mindful of the silence, the peace and quiet,

There is no substitute for inner peace.