Like you, I never thought the opioid crisis would knock at my door. Then it came for my son | CBC News

With a crisis of this magnitude, you would expect an all-hands-on-deck response from governments. But most politicians, with a few exceptions, seem to be sleepwalking through this nightmare — too afraid to be seen as “coddling” or “weak.”
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The opioid or drug problem is for everyone to learn and understand and perhaps help themselves and others in the process.

Who knew there is problems with drugs for non users and family members or society at large.

The issue is not kindly described to you or me.

Reading stores and news about this problem seems unnecessary at best and ignored at worst.

What about topics like drug awareness: user problems,

What is my experience on this top?

As a person of interest, I have lived with my half sisters husband problem. He died many years ago.

I have seen friends in school get harmed by drugs.

And I feel fortunate that my bad habits are not one of drug addiction.

But it can happen to anyone.

I need to keep an open mind and stay alert, aware and willing to learn.

Please support the effort.