Victoria, B.C., Canada Drug Epidemic

Today is just another day in downtown Victoria.

Today is Sunday, there has been two sirens since this morning and it is only 9:40 AM.

There has been 4000 deaths due to the fentanyl in Canada

Victoria has had 91, according to this older report from the TC:

The city is saving hundreds from their overdoses.

We all hope for the best for all involved with this war on drug overdoses.

It is bad in the US, Britain and it is a global problem.

We are all grateful for emergency services and anything that can help us as individuals and society to work through this major downer on the rollercoaster we call life.


“Jacking up” is like “The Needle And Damage Done”

Who will juggle and who will be the juggler?

Who can kick King Ivory?

Take it nice and easy or do your nose drops.

Take your poison.

China White is quickly becoming a “me too” problem in the US Of A.

Fentanyl is a fully synthetic opioid.

People use it to manage pain from cancer and operations.

It is a controlled substance in most countries:  i.e. you need a prescription, manufacture and distribution are tightly controlled and monitored.

In the UK you can get up to seven years for illicit possession and supplying Fentanyl can result in a life sentence in prison.

Check out the facts jack.

Look into the stats Mat.

Do you know your sign?

Do you know the treatment?

Become aware of the information and how to use it to save lives.

Be a person who can live without drug problems through experience, strength and hope.

Listen to Neil Young’s song about drugs or read a book or watch a movie.

Study current affairs about drug epidemics and other drug problems.

Use your curiosity to become informed, protected, safe, and open minded about those who have a drug addiction or culture.

Never believe it will miss you or be easy to recover or control.

If you can’t kick a drug, consider talking to someone who is kicking it.

Look long and hard into drugs, don’t make naïve decisions about drug stuff because it may cause more harm than good.

Have fun, live, love, laugh!