Playing With Math

We all like to play, but some will fool with serious play like mathematics because of personal experience with the topic.

Although, recreational math may not help you with your endeavour, it may wet your whistle to pursue this relationship with numbers, geometry, statistical interest, calculus gig, mathematical model…

Please consider how it works.

Maybe look at math history.

Have you got any favourites that reflects your interest in math opportunities?

Be careful, you may find out something about yourself.

Real Math

More abstract patterns that do simple things.

New ways to read and write patterns like a computer program.

This is an over simplification, and learning and the application of this new math is a good thing.

Who wants to learn some new math?

Symmetry Of Time

There is a shape to time:  tick tock.

a duration without time is a duration of zero.

truth is beauty and beauty truth,

time does not end, but that does not make it a shape,

for every shape and dimension there is a non-shape and a non-dimension,

the language of time is mathematical,