Budgeting The Amount of Shows I Watch

My Aproach To Watching The Netflix Series: Messiah

Is it ever too late to turn a show off?

Some shows challenge my beliefs.

I tend to think Messiah is one such show.

Watching various plot twists made me question or compare outcomes of more serious beliefs.

To respect reality while allowing fiction to be broadcast on TV, streaming companies or other methods like DVDs.

Fiction can be challenging to my personal ways of life.

Are these shows ethical?

At some point I need to turn off the Messiah for my own self respect.

It was a very provocative series, but the chaos was too much for me.

Yet, many people liked the series and seemed to enjoy it very much,to each their own.

There are many times I turn off the preverbal TV.

What about you?

My Debt Of Gratitude


The future is full of virtue,

It feels like my friend and acts like a saint,

The art poetry shows a depth to gratitude that fills my mind with peace when I toil to produce it.

This noble parent is still bearing it’s offspring,

Keep pride in mind when virtue fails,

Do no despair while the future looks so fair,

Fall perhaps upon the past with it’s great wealth of fodder,

Reexaminations of mistakes, with their solutions can bolster the imagination.

The estate of mind can build a present that can capture this moment with great recollection.

And the past is the greatest teacher to the wise students or practicing philosopher.

Be here as often as your mind will allow.

Don’t squander a moment with doubt, you have arrived to live, laugh and love.

Give others your treasure and keep your practice alive: do no harm.

Cicero calls upon her as the mother of all virtues, you may ask her to call upon you.