Voter Information Card

The Canadian Federal Election is on Monday October 21, 2019.

Some of us will use advance voting because of its convenience or necessity.

Along with other ways to vote (by special ballot) and accessibility issues, we cover most, if not all the needs that come up across this vast country.

Some may argue, it is important to vote or try to sway people through discourse, but Canada appears to have most, if not all the bases covered for this years election.

Good luck.

2019 Canadian Federal Election

The leader`s of all the major parties and their party`s  controversies.

These two sections seem to be the most popular on the site below from Wikipedia:

There are many headlines in the national papers like the globe and mail.

There are good articles presenting the improvements to voting over the years.

And debate coverage seems to be crystalizing over climate change.

May we all do our best to stay informed and vote our conscious on October 21, 2019.

Reddit – canada – Biggest problems in Canada.

Reddit – canada – Biggest problems in Canada.
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People need a safe place with the resources to live and thrive and grow a good lifestyle.

With the federal election people will vote for the party they believe will make better in roads to a better lifestyle and health outcomes.

To be free in a first world country is a challenge worth willing to strive and exercise for each day.