Daylight Saving Time Changes 2020 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Daylight Savings Time 2020 in Canada – British Columbia – Victoria. When does time change? Date of the next clock change and exact time to spring forward or fall back.
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‘Fall back’ an hour’, or try going to bed a little later each night the week before.

This will help you become aware of the change biology.

Study’s have shown it is much easier to gain an hours sleep, but awareness is a good way to process the time change.

Either way, you have 9 days to ponder this annual time change. And yes, we ‘spring’ ahead an hour in March 2020.

Crunch Time

DLS is just around the corner.

I am following up on my previous blog, “I Know It Is Early…”

Like I said there,

“My plan is to wake up an extra 15 minutes each day, a week before.”

And to get lots of light each morning.

While I am doing this housekeeping, I will check in on my sleep hygiene: get in bed on time (waking and sleeping) and keeping off my devices a couple of hours before bed.

So I rewatched the Time magazine vid I linked in the article above.

I will link it in this article for easy access.

It’s not too late to prepare for better sleep…

I Know It Is Early…