[Pythagorus, Student], What It Means To Lead The Inner Life In A Community

In this dialogue, the father of philosophy, tells his student how to live.  He explores the love of wisdom, love of community and the love of people.  He explains why he left no record or had no answers and made no false promises.  He explains that he does not want to be an enigma but a true student of life and a true collaborator.  

Pythagorus:  What do you want and how can you get it?

Student:  I want to be a philosopher and a great student who lives the simple life and helps with the community to build a better world.

P:  This is good.  But to be a philosopher you must learn to learn.  To learn the simple life, you must have a thirst to know and believe.  To build a better world, you must build a better you!

S:  How can I do all this?

P:  Just live, love and learn.

S:  I believe we are the first to live the inner-life so openly in our community.  We prosper as a group because we build from the inside out.

P:  This is true.  And our word of mouth and brotherhood and sisterhood will grow around the world. I am not going to leave a legacy, I will leave an idea.  Many will believe it is my math because in time, all will see the fruit of this great work.  But it is less obvious what a life well lived will do for the world.   

S:  I thirst to love, learn and live.

P:  We are indeed fortunate that we eat the fruit that will build a heaven within each of us.

The Noam Chomsky Channel

Where are his books?

Why not read them?

Same goes for his talks-monologues!

Why not watch the programme?

Are right wing groups really hating him?

Do Zionists hate him?

How much does Chomsky have to tolerate?

He is a very controversial figure.

As long as he keeps talking…

Will his leadership dissolve?

We are all genuinely afraid of terrorism.

Does he give us a better understanding?

Will we ever be able to laugh at our fears?

Is our solidarity being broken down?

Do we care anymore?

Are working people turning against their own interests?

What about drinking water?  The people next door?

Is this fear being manufactured?

Why not lead an activist life?

(All the above is reiterated from “Rebel Without A Pause.”)

Thanks, An Avid Fan, Michael.