The Noam Chomsky Channel

Where are his books?

Why not read them?

Same goes for his talks-monologues!

Why not watch the programme?

Are right wing groups really hating him?

Do Zionists hate him?

How much does Chomsky have to tolerate?

He is a very controversial figure.

As long as he keeps talking…

Will his leadership dissolve?

We are all genuinely afraid of terrorism.

Does he give us a better understanding?

Will we ever be able to laugh at our fears?

Is our solidarity being broken down?

Do we care anymore?

Are working people turning against their own interests?

What about drinking water?  The people next door?

Is this fear being manufactured?

Why not lead an activist life?

(All the above is reiterated from “Rebel Without A Pause.”)

Thanks, An Avid Fan, Michael.

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