The news is fake.

Fake news is subtext for what ails the world.

Scary white collar crime is what scary ‘fake news’ represents.

Crime or violence are a way people harm themselves and others.

No joking, just a lot of hard work with a lot of innocent people getting hurt.

No simple solutions, chaos creates some violence and among other things it can be a way to hide from yourself.

Don’t joke, serious people out to get in trouble with our national laws.

You don’t want to put these people at risk needlessly because it probably will cause more harm than good.

Who are these cyber cowboys, and why are they in bed with bad guys?

Modern crime has shifted reality enough to confuse society.

People don’t volunteer to look under rocks, live in the wild Wild West.

We need good journalism and good readership.

Awareness is key, along with a common sense approach to educating the public.

It is still a game of catch up.

Welcome to the modern world.

Some crime is still just crime.

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