The Cult Of Apolo

I. There is no Byzantium for the millennials .

The etymology is unclear, not a city, age or identity.

A group who awoke with a pyre of perennials,

A demarcation who is following obscenity.

Do not refer to them as a god or king.

Make their history laden with weapons and things.

These youth follow the eternity ping.

They bask in the sun, on a beach, wear a ring.

II. What age will the god Apollo reappear or is he just a Grecian myth?

This age is pulsating with information and grit.

The time is at hand for a revolving smith,

A period of technological lures and pits.

A visionary panoramic slide is forming on this dynasty of doom.

Carry us all off this table top or the time will loose all moral certitude.

With a people so enlightened or disenfranchised there will come a boom.

This place or timescale for all intensive purposes is subdued.

III. At last the purpose or picture forming will define this place and time.

It is like calling the gods to rise from slumber or break.

A war is brewing and people stewing, look there at the sign.

A generation will wake and take their place and eat their cake.

We need a leader to make a path among the ruins and unspoken dreams.

We will fight for this dream, a family, a mind and our consciousness.

Oh son of Zeus, come brazen us with truth, music, healing and creams.

Lead us to a climb into outer space and a mindfulness.

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