The marriage between health and mind is mental health.

It is a habit like cleaning the house, doing the dishes, taking a shower and going to sleep.

Like sleep, it is a fundamental need for the body.

Like sleep, it is a connection or relationship primary to the body mind connection which is called by many names.

Anyone who has been broken by stress, disease, cancer, insomnia, or a breaking down of body, mental or physical health, is aware of the need to maintain and perhaps grow the connection or relationship with body and mind.

In religion and spirituality, language and habit is another form of marriage that describes the union of the mind with our own being or state of consciousness.

For example, Buddhism, mind is enlightenment or the proper use of the mind.

In secular society we offer work for the mind:  vision and other mental abstraction.

But to declare the meaning and purpose of mind does appear to be at the very least a relationship with self and being that has to do with some kind of higher purpose for mind and self-aware beings like humanity.

At present we are deaf, dumb and blind:  young mind.

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