Pride Verses Confidence: Masculinity

Being brave, courageous and certain are familiar virtues and ways that are contoured by human sexuality.

There are a gambit of human behaviours elicited by passions and desires that attach to our masculinity and femininity.

It is not a simple task to temper pride when masculine bravado swaggers into the room.

It is complex when feminine ambition sways morals and mixes a lust or passion into a recipe for sexual desires at inappropriate times.

False courage, baseless fears, and other pseudonyms like mixed emotions tend to cloud judgement with more poor behaviour or emotional misunderstandings or mistakes.

Yet, all these experiences add to a reservoir of emotion, mental, behavioural and moral developments called growing pains.

These situation are not only experienced by teens and millennials.

Humanity is not gender or age specific.

We are all swayed by desires like the seven deadly sins, but this stigma or taboo needs dispelling through discussion and debate.

“Much ado about nothing”, forums such as gender or group night out, couple discussions and many other ways to unravel the emotional knots of misunderstandings come to mind.

A human straddling a continuum of Devine to Devilish creates the human messiness that make us all sober up in its profound but stark awakenings.

Good Morning.

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