Formulation Romance

She taught him who he is.

She invited him to look and listen.

He showed his interest through his eyes.

She showed him care and affection.

She realized her love for him.

But she was afraid he was taken.

He assumed the same about her.

He lost his sparkle.

She assumed he had found the woman of his dreams.

Yet, as close to him as she had drawn,

He was taken,

And she found her lose mistaken.

He had stumbled on the truth through innocence and youth (her sister and niece).

He ran to bequeath his romantic folly to the woman of his dreams.

He finally saw her for the one and the same woman.

For her openness had made the path clear.

Together they charted the unknown and misunderstood.

Together they rejoiced in their identities and differences.

Yet, individually they strive to live and improve upon themselves and others.

Apart they miss each other dearly,

But upon reuniting all compromise seem worth their while.

Unrequited love seems too romantic,

Until you do it.

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