Residue Of Madness

“If you become impatient and loose your temper, then you loose the best part of the human brain, judgement of the situation. Once you are angry, almost mad with anger, then you cannot make correct decisions.”-Insight from the DALAI LAMA, Tuesday February 12,2019. Victoria, B.C., Canada

I am impatient with all the snow (15 to 25 centimetres) from last night.

No sand, no plowing, what is to be done?

I am told ‘not to drive’ today.

So, I wait.

‘Almost mad with anger’. I am not the best judge of the situation.

I need to work. I need the money.

What do I do?

The streets will be plowed and treated with some kind of salt.

I will find work and therefore money.

Patience is a virtue, calmer mind will clear my temporary madness.

My guess, do my best to do my job and meet my obligations today.

This is how I strive to live with the unknown.

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