Happy B-day

Is turning 58 on Sunday, all I am hoping to accomplish?

It’s good to have a plan Stan.

I read this article (see link at end of poem) that suggested to try a few of her ideas.

My theme song is “Hit The Road Jack”: I am preparing to travel.

A power word for this year is”optimism”.

My travel wallet is locked and loaded, I am ready for a long awaited vacation.

I plan to take a cruise to Hawaii and jet back on Air Canada.

There are lots of things I am doing already but these are things that will make my big b-day all the more fun.

I have already received some cards and good wishes, even a couple of presents.

I plan to start my day with my routine which includes a morning hike and a b-day lunch at my favorite restaurant.

Lastly, I want to say how grateful I’m for all the family, friends and followers on my blog.

Wishing you all the best in lifelong adventures (and here is the article on top ten b-day ideas:


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