Knowing What Works

Does mitochondria directly affect the human metabolism?

Does evolution show metabolism as a design to cope with fasting?

There is a good relationship between this onetime bacteria and the human body: mitochondria. Perhaps a symbiotic relationship that help regulate energy rather than just supply it.

By affecting directly how the brain functions, they are stronger than ATP production.

Fasting allows the body survive in the past by finding food, or eliminating junk food and other mistakes in the present,

Except for sleep loss due to ketogenic affects on the brain which results in the same effect as in the past: the body needs less sleep due to ketogenic effects to allow better chance for survival.

One can change the body by doing more to do less. Like exercise more to regulate sleep, fast to eliminate excess food, junk, lost energy and other modern problems.

Better exercise, better eating, better sleep will help build a better health span for humanity.

At worst, it may help improve anyone’s work-knowing what works through experience. But check with your doctor before making changes.

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