No Cheats Allowed Inside

Virtue is an old fashioned word.

But when we were born, part of our development was moral structuring of our brain.

Through teenage years we developed ethics of morality.

And in adulthood we programmed ourselves with progressively cognitive ways to live.


Nature’s Journey

A journey traverses ever life,

Some evolve love and good fortune,

Others, less attractive themes like lose and hardship,

There are bridges to build and patchwork on relationships and ‘shadow work’ with deep felt beliefs or unsolved problems,

In truth, everyone needs to travel through ups and downs throughout their lives,

This tapestry frames our lives like nature being framed by the outdoors,

Beauty and truth appear everyday of our lives.

Making pictures that capture memories of all shapes and sizes,

To Start A Business You Need Three Things

1. A product or Service

2. A group of people willing to pay for it.

3. And a way to get paid.

My product is a service.

I am still attracting the people willing to pay for it.

And I am still thinking about the way I want to get paid.

I am a big believer in critical thinking, cooperation and collaboration.

To do this authentically requires a dash of faith and a sprinkle of trust.

When I am ready to start my business there will also be a healthy amount of doubt and a reasonable risk.

I guess that’s more than three things, nothing here is negotiable.

It takes more than I know to start a business, but I hope all you entrepreneurs are having the time of your life trying to do it.

Good luck.

Human Potential

Slip sliding away, ‘to be or not to be’ is a hard quest to fulfill.

If and when I change, is up to me and the people who are willing to collaborate and cooperate.

Making a dent in my dream or plan can not be at someone else’s expense: do no harm.

Yet, the incredible life living events are unfolding as we speak.

I don’t subscribe to ‘lightening in the bottle’ analogy.

We are all being our potential.

Even when mine is beyond my liking or going in a direction different than my desire.

Getting into it is part of the challenge.

My starting point may be a blog entry.

Ebola Outbreak In DRC Update

All Is Good.

Supportive and helpful to those who faced this crisis,

Perhaps, the next outbreak will be even less harmful iff the support and help remains for a very harmful virus like Ebola.

Grateful to all parties that helped contain this outbreak.


How to regulate the human body?

Long story short, cut out sugar.

Hydrate and use moderate exercise.

Study what is healthy for you.

We are all dealt a very specific hand.

Learn what that hand is for you: know yourself.

By getting rid of sugar you will reduce inflammation and do whatever it takes to reduce it more for yourself?

What causes inflammation?

Do you smoke or drink alcohol, or have other bad habits that cause inflammation?

To live a healthy life without causing inflammation means your inflammation hand needs to be clean.

Learn what is causing inflammation for you and reduce it.

There are some very helpful videos on the subject.

Check out this one if you are curious.