Loosing The Device

What, Apple, Microsoft, or Android?

Where did I put that phone?

Never mind there is software to find it,

Did I leave it in the car, on the charger, on top of the car, did I drive off with it on the hood?

Do I need a device to physically bind the phone to my body like a harness?

The trials and tribulations of your average device user!

Back To Home Plate (watering the plant)

“Abela Abela  Green, where art thou, Abela?”  As I walk in the door to my apartment, I see a rather depressed looking plant.

“You look completely dehydrated, how about a drink?”

I take her in my arms and swing her big ass into the bathtub and turn the water on her.

I leave her there for a good 5 minutes.

I turn off the shower.

I return about an hour and a half later, “How art thou Abela?”  I survey her body from top to bottom.  I don’t miss a curve or a ‘white lily.’  “Back to home plate.”  I carry her gingerly out to the plate I sit her on by the window.

“You should be good for another week.  Take it easy girl.”


Think about what you want to write a poem with in this session.

Your answer is ‘mindful’.

I am being mindful.

How does it feel or what is different after repeating the affirmation a few times?

Let yourself pause to collect any awareness.

This session will only take 5 minutes, but if you like you can continue after you are done.

Do you feel or what is different after repeating the affirmation a few times?

I have been meditating for at least a few years and I always feel more relaxed after a mindfulness meditation like this one.

I also believe being mindful about my writing is just the right way to write.

Meditating Away Cravings

My most difficult meal is supper.

I believe I crave food at this time.

Therefore, I am now meditating for 30 minutes before I eat any food.

My belief is that bringing meditation to any craving will reduce and eventually eliminate said craving.

Mood Swings

Playing this guitar is making my hand damn sore.

Emotional pain is like getting angry at myself, depressed or some strong negative emotion.

Sometimes, just being tired is enough to set off a mood swing.

Other times, I am having a problem with anyone, and I am overly invested and tired I will have a mood that erupts into mismanagement of my emotions.