Everything Obeys The Universe

When was the last time you saw a plant or animal argue what to do next, where to go, what to do, who to see?

Crazy hey! Plants sit in the dirt, grow and die, eat and drink what is given, live and die according to what nature does.

Why should I disobey, considering I do the same as plants and animals (I am an animal), but I have a choice, a will to do as I choose fit. And Nature is nothing if not fit. But I have a choice to live or die, eat or drink, do as I please.

Most plants and animals seemingly live out their lives according to nature or the universe.

Pretty hum drum eh? Who cares? Why?

Everything is supplied by nature. My job is to do my best to fashion nature’s fruits, to use and be of service to nature in this sense, to the best of my ability.

On the scale of the universe, it will help me to realize that I know very little and I need to accept what the universe brings my way: a mate, a place to live, a job, some fun stuff?

I just do my best to accept the way of the universe and do my best each day.

But, I’m not stupid or a jack ass! I know I need to heed the forces of nature and riches of nature. So, I willingly live ‘the good life’, proper use of impressions, and do no harm.

Power & Control

It’s good in a pinch: repealing self harm, accidents, mistakes, and survival.

Why accept technology and administration in all our affairs?

Who or what is to blame?

Where goes the wisdom or thinking about love?

Let love, thought and wisdom guide us.

Let me tell you a story.

Please support the effort and watch the vid bellow.

Thinking about love

Good Luck, Good Life and Good Morning

I am working, it is time for me to get up and get at it.

I am grateful to be here another day. To do what is best for me on the day to day basis.

My practice evolves messy challenging people who I need to accept and work with or through or around. I like to think the worst and hope for the best.

I also practice aversions to the best of my ability. Much is called deliberate discomfort.

I like to journal, write and research or study each day .

My philosophy and practice is the most important each day. Yet, work and family and chores intervene at times. I tend to get distracted by too much rest and relation. So, today I plan to rest and relax when I go to bed tonight.

Please support the effort, and watch the vid below.

Humanity’s Right To Be Fair

To be fair is not an entitlement.

But it is a right.

Music, math,myth, mate,

Music to warm the soul.

Math to model a better future.

Myth to demonstrate the truth.

Mate to make love, prosper and engage the world.


‘Banana in a coalmine’…

Jon Steward awarded the Mark Twain award said it best.

So, who are these authoritarians today?

Where do they live?

What did they do?

Why should they be punished or outed at present?

Are they harmful?

Or are they a symptom of what society is doing to the world?

Support the effort, read all about it.


How much can you practice living life? Can you sustain your fear of dying? Do you sense this moment or failure your enemy expresses when he rages about killing you or others who seem to be the ‘other’ or ‘the same’ or ‘one’? Be blunt, tell me you are afraid and coward away from the mothering or producing of death.

Show me your naive and innocent ways. No practice in killing or murder, raping or beating of some or many people. Keep up this innocent practice of non-violence. Even when you crave to beat or rape or want or desire to murder or kill another.

Now practice non-violence with kindness, compassion, patience and do no harm.

Now practice accepting your anger and managing your anger when you are getting angry and starting to act on anger. Yet practice non-violence and do no harm. And feel this bitter sweet anger until you can ‘feel the urge to act’ subside.

Now practice all your life this way as long and as often you are willing and able. Practice being naive about and innocent about killing, murder, beating self or others, no desire or craving to harm yourself or others.

Practice being kind, safe, calm, compassionate while managing any or some or even all the anger you trigger within yourself and accept it or extinguish the urge as much as you are able. And use your patience to suffer any lingering desire to act on your anger.

Know yourself and your being out of control and harming yourself and others. Admit your acts of violence, even when you have stopped living with people who act more violently or more often than yourself. Learn to be more compassionate towards this part of yourself. And to be more compassionate to more violent people.
Know your violent self and other’s not to mimic or act like but to accept and learn to be non-violent.

This is the best way to live life. Open and honestly, most of the time, and becoming more or less violent and non-violent for more or most of your life.

Now, journal about it, if you must or use your journaling as a tool to express your own harm to yourself and others to help yourself cope with the stress of anger or acting on anger and other forms of aggression in your own or others day to day living.

This is living a compassionate non-violent lifestyle. This is only for you. If you choose to share it, do it when you are helping yourself or others live this way. Remember, this is a personal practice to help yourself and loved ones live a good life.

Being With ‘Tree’

Feel loved even for a second,

Getting a hug from a tree like the Sister is sentimental.

Finding somewhere where you really belong is important.

“That’s what a tree is, a simple moment of beauty.”

And,if you listen and learn, you can experience this through watching the movie below.

Please support the effort and watch the movie below.