Stop Eating Sugar

Okay, people eat too much sugar.

It is in almost all processed foods.

We have sugar in every desert we eat.

We usually have sugar because of our diet.

It is a major way to foul up our regular body functions and propels us to many major diseases.

Try giving up all sweet or junk food and baked food.

Eat more veggies and protein and less starch, bread, pasta and fruit.

Your skin and teeth, gums and organs will work better.

You will have a better mood and sleep better at night.

It will be a big challenge and be as hard or harder than stopping alcohol and smoking as a combination.

It will help you loose weight, regulate your hormones and improve your health.

The only downside is it takes a huge effort.

Facing The Fear And Doing (Or Not Doing) It Anyway

Fear is universal but what we face is as special and specific as you and me.

Experience makes a good teacher, I claim to whittle down my fears, one at a time, in a way that does little or no harm to anyone.

I am a writer, my biggest fear is a blank page, the undone chore, the next obstacle in my way.

I tend to face my fear and the blank page is a struggle but my writing prompt experience will show me to write something about almost anything from my own knowledge base and experience. When I am open and honest the task of producing a blog entry is never that much of a problem.

This is my fourth blog entry today. I am busy facing other fears today: returning phone calls, going down shopping, going to the Zombie Walk, and getting home in time for supper.

Yesterday, I had to go to a new assignment. I am a cleaner and had to go do some construction cleanup. I had to met and greet the site foreman, assess the job, complete the assignment and deal with logistics on site. I had people problems, working with limited resources. I followed my own advice and did a good job.

The Holiday long weekend is just starting to unfold. Lots of family and friends. I’ll follow and lead and do no harm.

Leading and Following, whatever works

It is important to be open and honest in today’s busy world, especially with myself.

One way is to lead or to follow whichever is appropriate at the time.

When I’m at work. I generally do the leading. But my partner will say something and I’ll follow her lead most of the time.

As a son, I usually follow my mother’s lead and do what she says or whatever she is doing.

As a brother, I do the same.

But, I lead myself in my day to day affairs as long as it works.

I am authentic, honest and open to the opportunity life presents me in this intense crazy information packed society. I am privileged to be a participant.

I follow anyone that is trustworthy, open and honest. Otherwise, I follow my own best advice: do no harm.

The Hate Vaccine

If we can do it for nicotine, cocaine…

Imagine the brain becoming addicted to the hate molecule.

We can’t prevent the cravings for hate, but we can get rid of the high.

No more People drunk on hate.

Maybe there is a way to combat ‘hate’?

It’s called love.

When we give love to ourselves, we combat hate. We may not be able to stop hating, but we lower or keep a balance, this helps us from acting on hate in inappropriate ways.

The ‘trick’ is to out the truth about love and hate.

The science of hate is all about behavior and learning to treat behavior whenever it is preventative or corrects an imbalance.

Education is key, as is experience.

I’m never too old to learn how to love and hate in a better way.

Truth And Love (That’s what I have to get into)

Weather it is inner conflict or world conflict,

The cliche is that the truth will set you free,

Love is about being honest with each other and finding the truth,

Love is telling the truth when it would be way easier to tell a lie,

How can a ‘Facebook’ tell the truth or love for that matter?

Who is telling the truth?

Are our politics making us better at love and truth?

The platforms on the internet are challenging to news, the truth and love in our ability to learn and maintain the truth at large.

The politics and hate spin is making it difficult to follow up on the truth.

There is a lot of misdirection, confusion, and deceit.

In this sense, we are becoming global citizen’s.

We need to watch our learning to obtain the truth on issues we use to have handed to us,

Are you sure about what the science is on some issues? Global warming?, GMO’s?

What is ‘fake news’?

Take some responsibility and demand the best from the brand names of news agencies or people you can trust.

Zombie Walk (What to wear?)

Saturday at 3 PM, I need to head downtown for a night of debouching and Tom Foolery.

But what shall I wear?

Out of the 350 or so guest zombies, I could dress up as a little girl zombie going to the after birthday party, after the adults finish the zombie walk from Centennial Square to the legislature grounds.

My first impression is to wear an axe between my shoulder blades, get my hair done (lots of clotting blood and sand), I may get my nails ‘split’ and have someone crack my skull. If I had just known last year I was going again this year, I may have let myself rot in a ditch somewhere or let my body bloat in a stagnant pool of water.

Anyway, I think I’ll just put on an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt. If I go over to the Neighbors for a snack, someone will stab or

poke or punch me and I’ll start to bleed or get something stuck in me.

I’ve got a two headed axe. I think I can put it between my shoulder blades before I go.

I seem to always be hungry, but I can spare some buddies blood and brain to splatter on the windows on my way through town.

(Just joking, they don’t want us to do this on the walk.)

No guns, knives, or weapons of any kind.

This years annual Zombie Walk in Downtown, Victoria, B.C., will be a hoot!

Hope to see you there: Centennial Square beside City Hall.