To contain Ebola, the United States must fulfil its promise to the World Health Organization

WHO responders are braving bullets to end the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but the virus could cross borders without the pledged funding.
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There is a need to speak up more and more.

Please support the effort.

Richer countries must do more to help in Ebola fight, says Rory Stewart

International development secretary Rory Stewart has urged countries such as France and Japan to “step up” and provide more funding to fight the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
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Please support the effort.

To be aware of the problem is half of the solution.

To maintain the effort is the other half.

Many people and resources are at work on a very complicated issue.

It is not about money, it is about the Ebola Outbreak.

The war, the stigma of the disease, the length of the problem continues to evolve.

10 Stupid Shopping Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Stupid shopping mistakes can cost consumers big.

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Sometimes technology can create brain freeze.

A big company may play you against a small one.

And we need to walk away when we get angry and upset to shop clear headed another day.

Of course we can all learn to be better shoppers.

Read this article to bone up on the basics.

Checking Out a Philosophy App

Stoic philosophy is more about doing than knowing or learning how to, but practice is all about doing to learn good habits.

The stoically inclined can benefit from meditation, journaling and getting to know and stretch yourself by doing a good practice.

The goal is to change by picking up good habits and letting go of bad habits through hard work in your practice. Do no harm to yourself or others will always be foremost in your mind.

Most of the things you choose to practice will start by eliminating desires you want and focus on doing your practice and things you will do because the hard work you do will produce the outcome: inner peace, better focus, a good habit and more compassion for yourself and others.

In a sense, it prepares you to become content and in a better state of mind.

You will gain a good life with out feeling the need to say or do anything that will add to your suffering or others.

It just may prevent any poverty you may have in you life today.

You may enjoy your practice and encourage others to do the same.

Birds That Flock Together Stay Together

”Associate with people who are likely to improve you.”

In this Dialogue Johnathan and Michael talk about hanging out.

Michael: who do you think you are?

Johnathan: a talking bird.

M: okay, but you act like a friend, don’t you?

J: You are my friend Michael.

M: And I am yours. Walk with me.

J: Fly with me.

We Are Our Habits

Just repeat the very thing you want (need to learn) in order to become a better you.

If we look at what works for us and not what doesn’t work, we can find the habits we need to learn.

Then it is just a simple matter to repeat it until it becomes automatic.