CDC announces first US case of coronavirus that killed 9 in China

Health officials have also confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus in Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
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The coronavirus is being expressed with a lot of concern.

It is important to be aware and follow this fast moving story about a new global virus.

World Health Organization is meeting next Wednesday to determine the rating of the problem.

Please stay informed and support the effort.

Compassionate, Kind, Silent

Be compassionate, help yourself and others when in need.

Be kind and do no harm.

Be silent and learn to watch and listen, do not judge.

Virtues grow with action, and improve with practice.

They are available for all who choose them.

Civil Disobedience Vs Civil Obedience

Is there a convenience to the struggle for freedom: rights, liberty, freedom of speech?

Many protestors violate the very rights and freedoms held by all for a ‘good cause’.

Civility has changed as much as virginity in the last decade.

People are becoming agitated by political correctness and intellectuals who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

Virtue maybe becoming a bad word at best and an erosion of attitude and worse.

A healthy skepticism about society exists, what is worth your protest?


mountain near river

Photo by Daniel Gorostieta on

A soloist, some one that climbs alone.

This can change with a sex partner, an injury, coming back from living alone, away, etc.

The addiction, vice, or high risk taking,

The journal is all about the climbing experience each day.

Sigh, when free soloing, 20 or 30 people die,

Most people pushing those limits are aware that they will die.

Do you have a tired amygdala?

Maybe you have enough practice climbing to make a decent solo climber, not!!!!

Small, tiny edges, the 2 point balance holds you, El Capetian!

Spraining a foot from a 30 foot fall, go climbing to fix it.

A girlfriend helps me through many injuries,

Ankle injury, Free rider is 3000 feet of crack climbing,

And it all depends on a good ankle.

Now with people, babies, feelings, touching, I seem like a real person.

Perfectionism is a must:  good enough is not good enough.

I don’t want to die, but perfectionism…

Free solo is the ultimate!

A 30 foot fall, summersault off an over hang.

After the piton pops out, life flashes in front of my eyes, then the safety piton holds.

Falling 16 feet off a cliff into a bed of boulders:  I walk away!  Good luck!


News about people who cyber bully

Actually, it is a discussion about the ‘bully’ in literature.

Think of popular lit, “Lord Of The Flies”, all those kids without adult supervision, trying to survive on an island. Some were bullies.

News is that there are many references to this topic in literature.

Perhaps, recommendations can be considered appropriate on such a hot button topic.

My Sleep Meditation

My intention is to sleep well each night.

To me, that is early to bed and early to rise,

I hope that makes me healthy, wealthy and wise.

Damn it, I’m not looking for perfection here, just to get some good sleep.

Kind, Compassionate Meditation

Let go of the mind.

It is time to rest and go into a lucid state within the unconscious mind.

This is nothing more than a good sleep.

There is no need to stay awake during this changing state of mind.

Being conscious is fine during the day.

But it is good to meditate about falling to sleep each morning upon rising at 4:30 AM.

And to do the same each evening before going to sleep.

It is important to be in bed at 8 PM and fall into unconscious sleep by 8:30 PM.

To do this each night and morning is the best kind of meditation.

I dedicate this meditation to my family, friends and community (especially my followers at