Remembrance Day 2019

A day to remember and show respect to those who gave and served to protect us from those who would harm us in a war or conflict.

We may also remember serving others during a war or conflict to protect them from those who would harm them.

Please become aware of each other’s customs and concerns.

“To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!”

Last night I watched an old episode of Star Trek, hence the silly picture bellow.

It is chore day today.

After a long workweek and slightly mismanaged chores during the week, this fella is needing to do some weekend work.

I managed to go check on older relatives, I got my hair cut while I was out.

And I stopped by the Market to pick up lunch, supper and a few odds and sods, which I hope will tide me over till tomorrow.

I plan to do some dishes after lunch and talk to my sister after that meal.

Lastly, I plan to pick up around my bachelor apartment and get ready for tomorrow.

I hope to continue writing my blog throughout the day.

I plan to head downtown for lunch with relatives tomorrow and I have an appointment washing walls at an older relatives on Monday.

Remembrance Day 2019, Monday November 11, I will be participating during my coming and goings:  Least We Forget.



“Least We Forget”

I forgot about the passion the sacrifice.

The cliché is “The war to end all wars:  first world war of 1914-1918.  Originally idealistic, it is now used mainly sardonically.”

The problem is our technology:  complete annihilation due to nuclear destruction, massive loss of life, disease, famine, pestilence and needless suffering.

But is there an ethical question?

Perhaps, some argue that violence is wrong?

Some say, technology is not all bad.

We tell each other that the resources will last, all we have to do is get off this rock.

Really, can we learn from the past?  Learn from our mistakes.  Learn from the circumstances where survival landed in the arms of the strong, determined and humanity.

We may not be able to control every catastrophe.

We may lack knowledge and understanding.

We will all give peace a chance.

And Remembrance Day is not a platitude, a forget me not, or a lost hope.

Our pride, wisdom, strength and apology (for wrong done) will stand beside any future that is sound enough to propel humanity.

Remembrance Day is more than false hope or patriotism…

‘Least We Forget’…