“To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before!”

Last night I watched an old episode of Star Trek, hence the silly picture bellow.

It is chore day today.

After a long workweek and slightly mismanaged chores during the week, this fella is needing to do some weekend work.

I managed to go check on older relatives, I got my hair cut while I was out.

And I stopped by the Market to pick up lunch, supper and a few odds and sods, which I hope will tide me over till tomorrow.

I plan to do some dishes after lunch and talk to my sister after that meal.

Lastly, I plan to pick up around my bachelor apartment and get ready for tomorrow.

I hope to continue writing my blog throughout the day.

I plan to head downtown for lunch with relatives tomorrow and I have an appointment washing walls at an older relatives on Monday.

Remembrance Day 2019, Monday November 11, I will be participating during my coming and goings:  Least We Forget.