Open Letter To My Publishing Consultant

Thank you for the authors guide to ‘there and back again’.

I am stumbling on my goal to 200 words a day.

It has been a pleasure to update you as to my progress since my B-day in June.

It has been a kind of celebrating or birthday present to myself to produce my first draft.

Of course, I continue to pursue my goal and have carried on with research, reading and writing to maintain and produce some progress.

My journaling and blogging also reflects, in a transparency, what I am doing.

But it is this small commitment to you that has made all the difference.

I look forward to continuing communication and relationship as I am able to move forward on this literary adventure.

I am beginning to outline my remaining effort towards the last 5 months of this 8 month goal to produce a first draft.

As my effort becomes more successful, I am becoming more confident we will discuss questions soon.

Thanks for helping push me towards loftier goals and publishing commitments.

Your Truly, writetothepoint1960.