Review: Christy Ann Conlin’s Watermark examines the everyday tyrant and the marks they leave – The Globe and Mail

Watermark is taut, sharp writing that as a whole has greater psychological depth than Conlin’s previous work
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The subtext of any relationship lays waste the behavior that is deemed good or bad.

Sometimes people need to grow from bad relationships to learn how to grow to better or good ones.

Ah, if we were all willing to grow.

To see the bad and treat people with good, saintly or a responsibility for some in the family?

Some families have not gone past the point of no return.

Being Good

Let go your desire to know!

But keep practicing the good life.


Have I stumbled into a path of knowledge?

Or am I content having this philosophical struggle with being?

It sounds as if my unification is with God, but no I am confident my struggle is with the unification of mind and body.

Why is it so important?

There is no need to question the consequences of a struggle with mind and body, only good can come of it.