All For One, And One For All

Honour, freedom, truth…

People who dedicate themselves to the above principles.

A lot is demanded of said individuals:

A fierce loyalty that shows itself to like minded individuals,

A razor’s edge of singlemindedness that renews all sense of purpose,

A real sense of integrity that binds them all.

Perhaps, we all embody just an infinitesimal portion of such potent virtue.

But this keeps alive the boyish charms,

And the girlish glee of whom we honour.

This is a tribute, “The Three Musketeers” by Alexander Dumas.



We all have to be allowed to live our lives as harsh as we want to live them.

There are other traditions but this one speaks to all souls.

Honour they mother and father as a code of conduct.

Cultural laws bring forth examples to the world: do no violence against another.

Award those for more than physical honour.

Credibility and integrity in the face of the stereotype has a warrant to those who practice and participate in a most worthy action.

Our future will demonstrate life I will honour.