No Way To Live

How many people have a multitude of problems that lead to living on the streets?

Isn’t it enough that anyone is on the street in our global village?

We see people in every city across Canada with at least a group of people we leave stranded in a complex web of problems that none of us could navigate, who end up homeless.

Let’s help everyone get off the street and support them for as long as it takes.

Pain and suffering on the streets is not a choice, it is the result of too many things going wrong:

A Woman Beggar

A brawny body of form she may have,

Her breast is not seen socially in a sexy light.

But her words and actions express like raves,

That her purpose in this life is full and bright.


She smells of stench, not a rosy smell,

Her voice it barks, all bellows foul,

When spirits rise, she makes a spell,

This life she lives, it reeks and howls.


Can you preserve her naughty, her nice?

Will you remember her lesson is true?

You can pretend she paid a price.

You can guess that she was blue.


Our lives are spent and forgotten, 800 years from now.

Individual lost and society’s found, just like the Tao.