A Good Use Of Time

Do not give your time away without thinking frugal.

Be here for yourself, now and find contentment.

Start being here for yourself an hour each day and build the life you love.

Make the hard choice, don’t live for instant gratification.

After making that hard choice, weather it is thinking frugal, being here for yourself, building your new life an hour a day, remember to treat yourself to a little pleasure:  a glass of wine, a hour show, a favorite past time.

Use your free time well doing all the above and then some.

Please reflect on your past , remember the lessons and how they made you the person you want to be today.

Stop being trivial and learn to live.

Create new experiences and get new memories.

Trust philosophy, pursue the truth and live a wide life of philosophical purpose and meaning.

So turn off the T.V. or device, give up that bad habit, and learn to find true freedom with the price of admission:  proper use of impression and do no harm, live the good life.

Contentment – Wikipedia

Contentment – Wikipedia
— Read on en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contentment

The proper use of impressions embodies the mental state or emotional state of mind called contentment.

As does the phrase ‘do no harm ‘.

To be content, is to live a life without acting on every perceived desire.

It helps immensely to recognize one’s desires, and not act on them.

So, limiting one’s desires is the route to contentment.