My First Job

What jobs have you had?

Everyone deserves a helping hand, my dad taught me to mow the lawn. And as I learned, got me a job doing, Mr. Saltings lawn (my dad was obviously still teaching me).

I don’t know if I ever had a first job, because my dad was my teacher, body guard and friend up past my teens.

Every job or activity that helped me create job skills, he was right there beside me.

My dad was an electrician. So of course my first job mistake was Getty in trouble when no one was watching….

I put one of my mom’s bobby pins in an electrical outlet.

Not one of my best moves, but I was only four, my mom was very upset with me and grateful I was okay. No injury, very lucky.

My dad hired me on as his apprentice for a couple of my teen age years.

At school my dad helped me by rebuilding the lighting board and we won best play provincially in part due to him. He was so proud of my technical award and high grades.

My parents helped me find work during the recession in the seventies.

My mom’s boss got me a job as an assistant camp manager, He made sure an irksome new boss paid me.

And this is how my work life began.

I mostly had service work through out my life.

At present, I pay my bills by working as a middle manager.

And the first job I had was doing the same.

So, this may be my last paying job. But it has kept a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

I try to pay it forward, but I have been so fortunate to have good people guide and support me over the decades.

Good luck with your work, opus, career!

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  1. What a story of your job experience! My first job was being an author, but I quit to start blogging and giving my content away for free. I do think sometimes that it was the wrong choice, but I’m happier with where I am today.
    Good luck to you too! 👌🏻

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