Invitation To A Good Life: my home, my book, my journal!

A book

Can you find a way to be happy?

‘All roads lead to Rome.’

Perhaps, it might help to choose a home?

Shall you live in the city or the country?

It is dangerous times, perhaps a stronghold in the country is best?

I personally have come to live downtown since 2006. I resided in another for some 25 years , but all the same.

My bachelor pad is spartan. It has a balcony which is its chief value.

I have transportation parked inside a gated compound which I access from my apartment.

My place has basic furniture and the necessities of day to day living. And I keep a few devices like my computer, e-reader , cleaning-eating-sleeping-exercise are all done in personal comfort.

I have my home office from which I do my work, study, research and journaling.

My book is my chief study. (I will list it above in a picture.)

My journal I will declare as my chief investigative tool that allows me to build a good life.

All these private matters are just a belief I have that will ‘invite’ all those who choose to listen on how to live a beautiful life.

‘Seize the day,’and do the same!

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