Iamblichus: Life of Pythagoras – Nemo’s Library

Iamblichus: Life of Pythagoras – Nemo’s Library
— Read on nemoslibrary.com/2018/03/31/iamblichus-life-of-pythagoras/

There is something to finding the first or the source.

It is important to become familiar with a philosophy or philosopher to know more about it or to become one.

This may sound dry, but instruction is a form of study. So is guide or teacher.

To devote ones life to philosophy may not seem purposeful or meaningful.

But none of this is meant to be literal.

‘Know thyself’ may be succinct.

A different tact is to study the subject and teacher to better understand and apply the ideas.

But there is more to the topic than meets the eye.

Please check out the article above.

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