Dirty Little Secret

Holidays are fast approaching, so what do you do to get motivated?

I went out to shop and deliver parcels for my relatives. The ‘new normal’ makes everything more important.

One trip I delivered decorations and helped the older folks put them up. Helping family and friends always helps motivate me.

Just getting haircuts and an outfit together helps prepare me for Christmas outings and my old family barber always picks me up into the holiday spirit.

Helping co-works puts me in the mood, especially the ones that need the helping hand, it reminds me how much it helps me when someone does me a favour.

Anyway, COVID or no COVID-19!, it doesn’t matter, Getting ready for the New Year and the holidays is something I am proud and happy to do.

I especially needed the extra care from close friends and relatives this year with all the related stress.

Happy holidays and preparations, good luck in 2021!

Post script, I know it’s corny, but I like the Hallmark Christmas movies, I always watch them to get me in the mood.

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