Would You Vote For Nonviolence?

Top ten ways to be nonviolent are all an expression of societal love.

‘Secular’ does not express common ways people are good to each other in society.

Societal love is the many ways people are treating each other well.

To practice nonviolence is to become less violent.

Our many emotional and mental behaviours lead to organizations that become more violent.

Education from people who live in mainstream culture and practice nonviolence is key.

Learn from these people and support their message and behaviour, consider learning their ways to practice in your life.

I believe in a world “Kill Your TV” day. I think if we all turned off TV together it would support a healthy dialogue on nonviolence.

Number one way to practice nonviolence is too practice it as a peacemaker in your day to day activities.

Listen to others point of view, have a dialogue with them. Understand no one will be the big winner or looser. But the truth about peace is that both sides need to compromise or change. The Dalai Lama said this best in his inspirational calendar, Monday August 31, “Insight from the Dalai Lama. “

Give “nonviolence” a chance…

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