Talking Peace With The Most Violent Offender In The Epidemic Fentanyl

Do you see the homeless running from the emotional and mental violence.

We see the metal fencing in our community, streets, parks and city hall.

We see our police taking you down in our downtown.

The drug use is fentanyl, are you able to talk about why you take this suicidal prescription?

I believe people become suicidal due to conditions out of their control.

I think our resources are being well spent on these violent mostly young males.

The cost of this dialogue to me is to be less violent and more helpful to mostly young men who seem violent, suicidal and threat to my lifestyle.

I am watching it behind the COVID-19 Pandemic which blinds my line of sight.

Perhaps, I need to practice more peace keeping with those suffering from this terrible scourge we all deal with each day.

There are many resources being well spent on Covid-19.

My wish is that society will help these violent young suicidal males on Fentanyl.

My wish for myself is to become a better person despite these problems we all face.

My best wishes go out to all those who are touched by these problems in society today.

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