The Movement Revolution

What if our very existence depended on moving in ways without the use of technology.

What if all the freedom we have has left us as a sedentary culture.

What if combined these changes in our environment is causing the disease and pain and suffering we all experience today.

Would you be willing to change the way you move to improve your outcomes?

Would you learn how to move in healthier ways.

All you need to do is remove or suspend some tech and some environment .

Just practice moving without shoes for a walk, or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Go out in nature, take a walk on the beach in your bare feet.

Try using more old school methods like laying or sitting on the floor.

Put down your cell phone for an hour.

The topic is really about how to practice movement and why it is important to do.

Is technology and culture the enemy?

Of course not, but we are lacking important movement each hour or minute.

We really need to improve our habits of movement for a healthier life and a healthier culture in society.

Please consider looking into the reasons tech and culture cause our sedentary culture and why better movement practice is worth pursuing in day to day living practices.

There is literature on this emerging science, but supporting the effort can make a difference.

Movement Matters: Essays on Movement Science, Movement Ecology, and the Nature of Movement—PAPERBACK

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