Living Space

A place to live can be influenced by who you are, state of mind, habits and attitudes…

I like a cozy little place, much like Bilbo’s place: Bag End.

I have spent the last 14 years (almost come May 2020) in my bachelor palace.

On the door I have a sign, it says “Speak friend and enter”.

I have two book cases, one large and bursting and another small and bursting.

My two guitars (steel string and nylon string).

Two computers (one I am using and one as usable backup).

I have other devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop, stereo, radio and the usual appliances), furniture, artwork, pictures, home business desk, hall, windows, small balcony, common area.

I like Van Gogh (Starry Night,The Cafe Terrace, The Chair, Roses), Ted Harrison (Across The Miles, Horses). I really like photography, philosophy and reading pictures and maps play a big role at home.

But I have a corner dedicated to reading my books and stuff.

I like science.

My home reflects who I am.

I also enjoy staying healthy and informed about stuff.

I like to get a good meal, wash, exercise and sleep.

I am not a home body but I enjoy home each day.

My plant is called Abela.

Otherwise I live alone.

As I have said earlier, friends are welcome.

Home base and a bachelor abode is how I describe home, and I am open to improving on my ideas, thoughts and opinion on said establishment.

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