1) What is Self-Advocacy? | Teaching Self-Advocacy Skills to Students

Definition of Self-Advocacy: Self-Advocacy is, ‘[…]one form of advocacy, occurring any time people speak or act on their own behalf to improve their quality of life, effect personal change, or correct inequalities’” (Concunan-Lahr and Brotherson as cited in Brown, 1999). Self-advocacy is referred to as the ability to articulate one’s needs and make informed decisions…
— Read on teachingselfadvocacy.wordpress.com/description-of-self-advocacy/

Self-advocacy is part of human development.

An adult will hone this set of skill and the outcomes are important to living a good life.

There is a great need to practice and relearn this skill through out our lifetime.

Attempting to own or be responsible for yourself depends on using it well in all your affairs.

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