Negative capability – Wikipedia

Negative capability – Wikipedia
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You are beauty and can always tell the truth.

But who art thee, whose empirical evidence claims the truth, but at times gives way to wrongdoing.

And perhaps we need your absolutism to avow faith and trust and a passionate belief.

I quake at all your powers, great and small, for you may sting my heart and mind without consideration for my soul.

Forgive my lack of rhythm, form and grace, am yet a student of the human race.

Oh Keats, oh Shakespeare and blind poets all, there are no music in the spheres.

The boldness of a universe or many will dance with angles and devils upon this mortal coil.

An alchemy with wit will live where only planet and stars dare to be.

Cold permanence and multi-paradox claim explanation where none is due.

A smug narrator, to be true is better than a fool on the hill.

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