Traveling With A Sibling? 6 Tips To Travel By!

  1. We have our preferences: she likes to drink and I like to drink water. I eat vegetables and she eats meat and cheese. We both need solitude after a day in the crowds. We are both early birds.
  2. Practice: she will be down for mom’s b-day. So go out together. Travel around our hometown!
  3. Go with the flow: if she wants to stop, stop together. If I want to get started, lead and she will follow.
  4. Compromise: travel will challenge us all. We argue, we pout, we hold grudges. Know your limits, stay within it. Set expectations and stick to them. We have this one, we know each other.
  5. Just be free. We know each other inside out. Take it easy, communicate, play lead and follower.
  6. We need our solitude. After a day in the crowds, when we reach our limit, go back to the flat to crash, watch some TV, munch out, have a drink or two, get your alone time!
  • I think we are ready, we have our luggage and passports, wallets etc.
  • I think we are going to Hawaii!

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